Best CPU For Encoding and Rendering in 2023- Buying Guide

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Encoding is one of the most famous and widely used programs of the computer. In encoding, you apply specific codes, letters, numbers, and symbols to data and convert the data and processes into the codes. There is wide use of encoding in telecommunication, and it is an in-demand service, especially video encoding. If you are also interested in doing or learning to encode, then the first and foremost thing you need for Encoding is a CPU. But before making a purchase, keep in mind that you need to buy the best CPU for Encoding and Rendering that provides you the best value for your money.

Once you start playing with encoding, you end up learning video encoding, transcoding, and rendering as well. Video encoding is a program in which you compress and decompress a video. And rendering is a process of creating photorealistic and non-photorealistic Images and infographics by 2D & 3D models. So you need to buy a CPU that can perform all the Rendering programs effectively and smoothly.

It is harder done than said to choose the best one for transcoding and rendering. But here we are to save you from the headache of choosing the best CPU. We will review six terrific CPUs. These gadgets will do the best encoding, decoding, and transcoding for you. So without stretching it any longer, let’s start reviewing the CPUs. Make sure to read the article till the end to make the best purchase.

Top 6 Best CPU For Encoding and Rendering

1. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Unlocked Desktop Processor

best processor for rendering


You might have heard that there is nothing like perfection, and many of us believe in this. But after seeing the performance and specification of this CPU, I have stopped believing in this. The CPU is the best in every regard. Its performance is excellent, its price is modest, its appearance is classy, and whatnot.

There are some features of AMD Ryzen 5 5600X that make it the best CPU for encoding. This model has 12 hyper threads and six strong cores. The multiple core and thread combination allows you to perform several different tasks simultaneously and smoothly. Furthermore, the CPU has a 4.6 GHz speed, which gives you lightning-fast speed. The speed of this gadget is more than mind-blowing. It doesn’t take longer to load the website.

So you can do your work in the minimum time. Most people ignore the feature Cache while buying the CPU, though it is one of the crucial features. The cache is the brain of the CPU, and it controls the commands and performs an action. The processor has a 35 MB cache, which is the best level cache so far. You need to check out Cpu for Deep learning.

Besides all the conventional features and specifications, there is a thing that makes this CPU the best choice for all the encoders, and that is its Zen 3 7 nm processor. This system allows you to perform the best encoding, transcoding, and rendering.

AMD Is famous for providing the best Value CPUs to its customers. Like all the previous models of AMD, this one is also the best value for the money. Its price is quite reasonable compared to the value of other compatible products.


  • 65-watt TDP that prevents the heating of the CPU
  • Best value for the money
  • The excellent speed with outstanding performance
  • Robust cores
  • Overall, one of the best


  • Six cores are present

2. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Unlocked Desktop Processor

best render for cinema 4d


If you are not happy with the six cores of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, then we are sure that you will like the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. No encoder can resist this product. We don’t need to say anything to flatter this product, because its specifications will tell everything. Let’s get straight and talk about the features of this miraculous product.

The processor packs 12 strong cores and 24 hyper threads. What more could one ask for? The robust cores and multi-threads of the CPU will assist in doing work faster. Time is one of the most crucial things in an encoder’s life. So while purchasing the CPU for encoding-related tasks, keep in mind to buy a CPU that can do your work faster. And there is not any CPU that can do your encoding and rendering task faster than AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. This system has a 4.8 GHz speed and provides 100+ FPS.

Everything about this system is just perfect. You can achieve mastery in programming with this CPU is best for you. But for a beginner, this CPU might be a bit overwhelming. So for beginners, we recommend buying Ryzen 5 5600X, and for experts, Ryzen 9 5900X is heaven.

The only thing about this product that might bother a few buyers is its price. The model is a bit pricey, but keeping its specification under consideration, it is the best value for the money. There is no inbuilt CPU cooler in it because its TDP of it is very good. But you can buy a separate cooler if you want.


  • Robust core and multi-threads give the best performance
  • An overall best CPU for programming
  • 8 GHz and 100+ FPS
  • The fastest CPU


  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t come with a cooler

3. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Unlocked Processor

best bang for buck processor


Like the previous model of the AMD, this processor also provides ultra-fast 100+ FPS. With minor differences, this model is the replica of Ryzen 9 5900, but the price of this model is half the latter one. So, if you are thinking of buying the best CPU for transcoding and other programs but couldn’t manage to buy the Ryzen 9 5900, then go for Ryzen 7 3700X. You will have a freaking programming experience with this CPU.

Like the previous  CPU  models that we have reviewed, this is also a multi-thread CPU designed to perform multiple tasks effectively in lesser time.

This CPU is best compatible with the leading encoding software like FFMPEG, permute, and video proc. This CPU is also the best match for transcoding software. So you can do transcoding flawlessly with the help of this CPU.

The sixteen threads, eight cores, and 4.4 GHz speed make this CPU. The TDP of this CPU is 65W, which is pretty ideal. Moreover, this CPU comes with a CPU cooler and LED light, so you don’t need to spend extra money on a separate cooler. Make sure to check other Best CPUs for Audio Production and compare them with this one.

Last but not least, the 7 nm technology makes it the best choice for all types of programming. So, if you are interested in any programming applications like encoding, transcoding, and rendering, get your hands on this CPU because it is the best value for your money. And it can meet all your programming requirements, and of course, it is a one for all CPU, it is equally suitable for beginners and pro programmers.


  • CPU with excellent thermal management
  • Best value CPU for programming
  • It comes with a cooler
  • Extra fast and stable
  • Can multitask effectively


  • Not the best choice CPU for overclocking

4. Intel Core i9-10850K Desktop Processor

best cpu for rendering


Intel corporation always introduces the best and most reliable products in the market. However, Intel has provided its customers with the best problem-solving products. So people trust them and buy their products.

Before discussing the specifications in detail, let’s first discuss the most amazing thing about this CPU. The best feature of this CPU is its ten-core RAM. Yes! You read it right, this CPU has ten cores RAM, 20 hyper threads, and you can overclock this CPU to 5.2 GHz. Isn’t it amazing? With all the incredible features, this CPU would run all the programming software efficiently, and you will be able to finish your task in minutes. You can use this CPU for rendering, transcoding, and encoding.

This high-end CPU will combine well with all the encoding software and efficiently perform single-threaded and multi-thread tasks well.

The only downside of this CPU is its high TDP, which means the system tends to heat up while overclocking. The processor hasn’t any inbuilt fan or cooler, so you need to buy a separate cooler to get the maximum efficiency from this CPU.

Intel has recently launched the i9-10900, this CPU is also a good choice for encoding, but we think the i9-10850 is somewhat better. Because it has slightly less specification than i9-10900, but the price of the CPU is considerably lower. And its specifications are suitable for encoders of all levels, so no need for any higher specifications. So, if you want an Intel processor, then don’t look anywhere else. Get your hands on this to get the best encoding experience. Don’t forget to buy the intel motherboard because intel CPUs work best with them.


  • Robust core and hyper-threaded
  • Reasonable price and excellent performance
  • 14nm++ process for the high level of coding
  • DDR4-2933 RAM for best performance


  • Don’t include the cooler
  • Higher TDM

5. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor


It is the fourth product of AMD that we are reviewing. It is a modest CPU that will help you to do programming efficiently and effectively.

This CPU has six cores and 12 multi-threads. This specification Is enough for doing every type of programming. Moreover, you can perform two or three tasks like encoding, transcoding, and rendering altogether because multi-cores and threads of the CPU are robust and efficient to perform their duties. The speed of this CPU is 3.6 GHz which is quite good. In case you want a CPU solely for programming, then this CPU could be your best mate. But if you are a lover of crazy overclocking, then this CPU is not the best option for you because the CPU speed is only 3.6 GHz.

The thermal management of this CPU is reliable. Besides having a low TDM, the CPU also has an inbuilt cooler that keeps your system cooler even after hours. If you’re interested in those, check out the best Home Server CPU.

The maximum cache memory of this CPU is 3-19 MB. The price of this CPU is also very reasonable. It is the most reasonable CPU that we are reviewing in this article. So, if you want to buy the best CPU that can do encoding, transcoding, and rendering, you should consider this product.

Though the speed of this CPU is modest, it will bottleneck your graphics card. The cores of this device are robust and efficient. So if you want to pursue a career in video encoding and editing, then get your hand on this gadget as soon as possible. It will make your life easy.

This CPU is perfect for beginners who want to buy a high-end device but have a tight budget.


  • Best CPU for video encoding
  • It comes with a cooler
  • Best value of the money
  • Strong and stable system


  • Not perfect for overclocking

6. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Desktop Processor

best cpu for encoding


It was impossible to make a list of the best Rendering CPU without this product. The final CPU on our list is the jack of all trades, which means this CPU can perform all the programming tasks from encoding, transcoding, and rendering. The clock speed of this device is its most enticing feature, which Is 4.2 GHz.

This model of the Ryzen is efficient for all advanced programming tasks, and it will make you a successful encoder. The product has six cores and 12 threads. Along with this, it has PCLe 4.0 and 35 MB of Cache. The cache memory and the clocking speed of this device are the key features of this product.

The clocking speed of this CPU is enticing, but still, the TDM is low, which means your CPU will not burn while doing Rendering. Moreover, the product comes with an extra cooler to keep the system and your mood calm. You can work on this system for hours without any disturbance or delay.

Now let’s talk about encoding. Because as a whole, you aim to buy the best CPU for encoding. The CPU has the best and solid performance for video encoding, as it comes with 155 FPS. What does an encoder wish for more?

Like all the previous models that we have reviewed above, this model has also been unlocked means you can do overclocking with it. The 7nm technology of this CPU allows you to perform all your tasks proficiently.

For a more cost-efficient CPU, make sure to check the best CPU for Blender and Autocad and the best CPU for GTX 1070.


  • Excellent cache speed
  • Budget-friendly
  • It comes with a CPU cooler (have low TDM)
  • Excellent CPU for Transcoding


  • The CPU doesn’t have integrated graphics

CPU For Encoding and Rendering – Buying guide

Clocking speed

Clocking speed is one of the most important things you should consider while choosing a CPU for programming. The higher the clocking speed, the better programming it will do.


Any processor with a core lesser than six cannot perform the Rendering task efficiently. So try to choose a CPU with at least six cores. The higher the number of cores, the better video encoding you will do. Multi threads also help a lot while doing encoding. So try to choose a CPU with at least 12 hyper and stable threads.

Cache size

Cache size is also crucial in transcoding. So choose a cache size depending upon your requirement. Don’t choose a CPU with a 12 MB cache size.


If you are buying a CPU solely for encoding, choose a medium-range CPU with modest specifications that best fit your budget. Because in the encoding, you don’t do overclocking. So there is no need to spend money on a high-profile CPU because there would be no use for it.

Thermal design power (TDP)

Most buyers overlook this feature of the CPU while making a purchase. Well, TDM is one of the crucial things that you should be looking for. Try to buy a CPU with a lower TDM. The lower the TDM, the more effective the thermal management of the CPU. In the case of a high TDM CPU, you will need to spend extra dollars on the cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPU is best for encoding?

All the CPUs that we have reviewed are excellent for encoding. Generally, a CPU with at least six cores, twelve threads, and 3.5+ MHz speed is efficient for encoding and video encoding.

Intel or AMD, which is best for rendering?

Both Intel and AMD provide the best CPUs for rendering, but Intel has provided unbeatable single-threaded performance for years while AMD provides unmatched multi-threaded performance.

How many cores of CPU do I need for rendering?

Rendering, as we have described above, is the process of generating a photorealistic image. For doing the best rendering, your CPU must have six cores. Ideally, any CPU with core 4-18 performs well. But try to buy a CPU with at least six cores.

Is CPU or GPU better for encoding?

Both the CPU and the GPU are important for encoding, but they perform different tasks and have different strengths.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of the computer, and it is responsible for handling all the general-purpose computing tasks, including encoding. A powerful CPU is required for encoding because it needs to be able to handle the complex calculations required for video compression and decompression.

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is specialized in handling graphical operations, and it can be used to accelerate encoding by offloading some of the encoding tasks from the CPU. A powerful GPU with specific encoding capabilities can greatly speed up the encoding process and also improve the quality of the output.

Does encoding use CPU?

Yes, encoding uses the CPU (Central Processing Unit) for handling all the general-purpose computing tasks, including encoding. Encoding is a complex process that involves compressing and decompressing video and audio data, which requires a lot of computational power.

During the encoding process, the CPU performs various tasks such as encoding the video in a specific format, compressing the data, and managing the overall encoding process. The CPU also performs other related tasks like reading and writing the data to the hard drive and managing the memory.

The more powerful the CPU is, the faster and more efficient it will be at encoding the video. Some encoding software support GPU encoding, which can accelerate the encoding process by offloading some of the encoding tasks from the CPU to the GPU, but the CPU is still responsible for certain tasks that the GPU can’t handle.

How many CPU cores do I need for video editing?

The number of CPU cores needed for video editing depends on the complexity of the video project and the software being used. In general, more cores will allow for better performance and faster rendering times. For basic video editing, a quad-core CPU may be sufficient, but for more demanding projects or tasks, a 6- or 8-core CPU may be needed. It’s also recommended to have a high frequency CPU for better performance. Some professional-grade video editing software can utilize up to 16 or more cores for the most demanding tasks.

Do you need a powerful CPU for video editing?

A powerful CPU can be beneficial for video editing, as it can handle the large amounts of data and complex calculations required for tasks such as rendering, transcoding, and exporting video files. Having a faster CPU can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete these tasks, which can be especially helpful if you are working on large and complex projects.

However, it’s important to note that a powerful CPU is not the only factor that determines the performance of a video editing system. Other important factors include the amount of RAM, the speed and capacity of the storage, and the performance of the GPU. A good balance between these components is essential to achieve optimal performance.

A modern CPU with multiple cores, high clock speeds, and high single-thread performance is a good choice for video editing. The Intel Core i9 or the AMD Ryzen 9 are examples of processors that have a high number of cores, high clock speeds, and high single-thread performance.

Does CPU matter for rendering?

Yes, the CPU can play a significant role in rendering. Rendering is a computationally intensive task that requires a lot of processing power to calculate and generate the final images. A powerful CPU can handle the large amounts of data and complex calculations required for rendering, which can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a render.

The CPU is responsible for performing the mathematical calculations that are needed to generate the final image, it is also responsible for handling the scene data, and running the rendering algorithm. A CPU with a high number of cores and high clock speeds is beneficial for rendering, as it can handle the large number of calculations required to generate the final image quickly.


We have told you the minimum specifications that a CPU must be called the best CPU for encoding and Rendering. Honestly, all the CPUs that we have reviewed perform well. And all of them are Amazon’s choice products with thousands of positive ratings and comments. So, if you get your hands on any of the products mentioned above, you won’t be at a loss.

The choice of Video encoding CPU depends on someone’s requirements. So, you need to buy a product that best suits your requirements. But if we have to choose one product. Then we will go for Ryzen 5 5600X because it is one of the top-rated CPUs in the world. It can do your encoding tasks very effectively and is highly reliable. It can be your lifelong product.

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