Best CPU For GTX 1070 in 2022- Reviews and Buying Guide

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Gtx 1070 is one of the best and affordable graphic cards in the market. The clock speed of this card is between 1.5GHZ to 1.7GHZ, and it came with 8GB RAM. So if you are thinking of overclocking, then gtx 1070 is an ideal choice for you. After choosing the graphic card, the next question is which CPU is best to pair with GTX1070?

Honestly, there are hundreds of companies of CPU introducing hundreds of CPU models every year. So, there are so many options for CPUs that a naïve person can become confused. So, if you are also wondering which CPU will be best for your gtx 1070, then you are at the right place. We will be reviewing the six best CPUs that would make the best CPU for GTX 1070.

Now the question arises why we are reviewing 6 CPUs? Why are we not suggesting a single ideal CPU for gtx 1070? We can suggest the single best CPU and end the debate right away, but we are reviewing the best six CPUs of the market for the people with different choices. Like some want the exceptional core, and others want a decent CPU without burning their bank.

All the 6 CPUs that we are reviewing have their specifications and exceptional qualities. Some have the best cores and cache, and others give the best specification under the best package. So, after considering all the scenarios for our buyers, we have selected the six best CPUs in the market. So, continue reading this article because you will find the best match for your gtx 1070 by the end of this article.

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Top 6 Best CPU For GTX 1070

1. Intel Core i7-8700k Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-8700k Desktop Processor


Intel is multinational cooperation, and it is a reliable name when it comes to gadgets. It has introduced a series of CPUs in the market. And without any doubt, all of their processors are the best CPUs of their time. Intel Core i7-8700K is one of the winning products of Intel. It is one of the most bought and liked products of Intel. Now let’s see what is inside this model that makes it ideal for gtx 1070.

This model has six higher core clocks and 12 threads made this model. The turbo frequency of this model fall between 3.7GHZ to 4GHZ. Considering all these exceptional features of the ‘core i7-8700k,’ it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the best CPUs to pair with gtx 1070, but this is not it. Many other exciting features of this CPU are still veiled.

Buyers who have experienced the combination of the gtx 1070ti and Intel i7-8700K have reported that these two gadgets make bomb combinations together. The live streaming, video gaming, and editing experience are just breathtaking; buyers have also said that there is no change in this CPU’s speed even after overclocking.

This CPU is one of the ideal and affordable partners of the gtx 1070.

The price of this model is already reasonable. Further, you don’t need to spend money on accessories like a CPU cooler because the thermal management of this system is remarkable. You don’t need to add any liquid cooler for overclocking. Besides this, the power consumption of the CPU is far less than other competitors. So, this CPU can be the best partner of your graphic and credit card.

Another thing that I want to add is that; the products of Intel are highly reliable, which means if you are going to buy this CPU, it will stay for a longer period.


  • Economical and reliable
  • Intel octane support for the best gaming experience
  • Six high-quality hyper threads core
  • High-quality processor
  • Unlocked multiplayer for overclocking


  • Compatible with a Z-series motherboard

2. AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor


Ryzen 7 2700 has a powerful processor made by AMD cooperation. AMD, like Intel, is a reliable name in the market. They have introduced several series of CPUs of different specifications for people of different aptitudes and requirements.

This CPU of AMD is specific to perform heavy-duty tasks. Now the question is, why Ryzen 7 2700 is an ideal choice for gtx 1070? Well, a lot of character of this CPU makes it the best match of the gtx 1070.

First of all, this CPU is unlocked it means it is a great overclocker. Besides this, the eight cores processer and 16 hyper threads make it an ideal choice for gaming, live streaming, and 4k video editing.

The heating of the CPU is a nightmare for gamers. Most CPUs become hot during overclocking; the temperature of the overclocking affects the efficiency of the CPU and ruins the mood of the gamer in seconds. But forget about the overclocking temperature with this AMD CPU because it came with the CPU cooler. The CPU cooler will keep the temperature under check, so you’ll never face bottlenecking again while streaming or gaming.

In the previous generations, specifically in generation 1, of this model, several buyers complained that the CPU doesn’t remain stable, while high profile games. So the company made this upgraded model, which is highly stable for gaming and high profile graphics.

The price of the model is also reasonable. Overall this CPU makes the best pair with gtx 1070. So, if you have a modest budget and you want to overclock your CPU without bottlenecking, then you should consider buying this CPU.


  • Excellemnt thermal management
  • Flawless overclocking experience
  • 1GHZ high and stable speed
  • Strong processor


  • The model is a bit fragile.

3. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor


This CPU is also the product of AMD. Suppose you have a tight budget but want to buy the best CPU to couple with gtx 1070. Then you don’t need to go for substandard CPUs because AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is the best choice for those who want an economical yet high-efficiency CPU.

This CPU could be your best partner for high-profile video editing and streaming. Also, the 12 hyper threads make this processor an efficient multitasker. You’ll not experience any hindrance while doing the different tasks on this CPU.

The only downside of this CPU is that you can not overclock this product like the previous products. But it doesn’t mean you cannot overclock it at all. You can do overclocking with this CPU but not far than 4GHZ. The thermal management system of this system is also adorable. But the energy efficiency of this product is not as good as Ryzen 7 2700.

As a whole, if you are a beginner in gaming who doesn’t need crazy overclocking. Or you are someone who is looking for the best budget CPU to couple with gtx 1070 for high profile video editing and photoshopping, and then you should go for this CPU.

This product came with the 12nm version, which is far faster and better than 2600, making this CPU a worthy purchase.


  • Best value of the money
  • 12 sturdy hyper threads provide the best performance
  • Best choice for high profile video editing


  • It can be overclocked up to a certain point.

4. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Unlock Desktop Processor

Best CPU For GTX 1070


It is the third product of the AMD that we are reviewing in our article. It is because they made processors for everyone. Like the previous system, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x is also the best processor for gtx 1070 & 1070ti. But a few things differently this processor from the previously reviewed processor. One of them is 16 hyper threads of this processor. These powerful threads allow you to perform different tasks on your CPU simultaneously, and while performing multiple tasks, you’ll not feel even the slightest hurdle.

The unlocked processor has a 4.4GHZ speed, ideal for all gamers. If you are thinking of purchasing a CPU for overclocking, then don’t look anywhere else because this CPU is the best partner of your gtx 1070, and also it will not bottleneck your graphic card. This CPU is specific to provide the best gaming experience to all the game freaks. The ultra-fast 100+ FPS provides the best gaming experience. The stable processor of this CPU can perform all your heavy-duty work simultaneously and effectively.

This CPU came with a CPU cooler and LED light. The operating temperature of this processor is the only downside of it. The maximum operating temperature of this processor is 95°C. Your processor can lose its efficiency if the temperature becomes higher than 95°C. That’s why it came with the cooler.

But in the countries like Thailand and the Philippines, where the environmental temperature is higher, an inbuilt cooler might not be enough. You can combine this processor with a CPU cooler for best performance or use this processor at a place where maximum airflow is present.


  • Ultra-fast 100+ FPS
  • 16 hyper threads for multitasking
  • best for overclocking
  • Reliable, economical and energy-efficient


  • Maximum operating temperature 95°C.

5. Intel Core i7-9700K Unlocked Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-9700K Unlocked Desktop Processor


We have already reviewed a product of Intel early in this article. As the first product of Intel, the second one is also one of the favorite products of the market. The speed of this processer is its best feature. As a gamer, you will love the speed of this processor. This ultra-high-speed processor could be the best match for your gtx 1070 & 1070ti.

Honestly, you cannot find any other CPU with this ultra high speed in this price range. The speed and the graphics of this processor are also mind-blowing.

If you are a gamer and want the high-speed processor to combine with your gtx 1070, then get your hand on this processor. This processor has lightning-fast speed, so it will exceptionally load your graphics. It will give you the next-level gaming experience. You can overclock this processor to a stable ‘5.1GHZ,’ isn’t it amazing? It is the dream product for every gamer who wants to overclock.

But if you want a processor for several tasks, then Intel i7-9700k is not a perfect choice for you. Because it has eight threads, a Processor with 12 threads can perform several tasks more smoothly than one with eight.

The thermal management of this system is satisfactory, but it doesn’t come with any a built CPU cooler. You can add one manually. Before buying this processor for yourself, keep in mind that this model is only compatible with the motherboards of the Intel 300 series chipset.


  • Exceptionally high-speed CPU
  • Worthy purchase
  • Best gaming processor


  • Eight threads processor.

6. Intel Core i5-9600KF Desktop Processer

Intel Core i5-9600KF Desktop Processer


The final product on our list is also from Intel. The best thing about this product is its separate graphics processor. When the processor combines with the gtx 1070, it makes a bomb combination.

It is the lowest price CPU that can be the best match for your gtx 1070. If you are a beginner or a modest gamer that doesn’t require 24/7 overclocking, then go for this CPU, as it is the best value of the money.

Buyers have reported that the speed range of this CPU lies between 3.3GHZ to 4.2GHZ (approximately.) This speed is ideal for high-class video streaming and photoshopping. Several games also do well at this speed. The core and processer of this CPU are also very sturdy, and there is not any chance of bottlenecking your gtx 1070. Six threads of the processor allow you to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

Gamers have reported that this product of Intel is far better than i7 for gaming. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your gadget, but can’t afford high-budget CPUs, you should consider buying this CPU.

This CPU might not be the perfect choice for a professional gamer and lover of overclocking. It is the ideal choice for people who want modest overclocking. And for those who want the best CPU to pair with gtx 1070 for video editing, photoshopping, and other technical jobs.

This product doesn’t have any inbuilt cooler. However, the thermal management of the system is satisfactory. You can buy and install a cooler to get more efficiency of the processor.


  • Best value of the money
  • Best midrange CPU for mild overclocking
  • Ideal CPU for video streaming and photoshopping
  • Strong processor


  • Compatible only with intel 300 chipset series motherboard
  • Not perfect for crazy overclocking.

Buying Guide

The market is full of CPUs. Every year multinational corporations introduce more and more CPU models to the market. With the overwhelming range, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right CPU. One thing that we want to add here is; that there is nothing like the best or the best CPU. Every CPU has its specifications.

And every model, new or old, has been made after keeping the needs of the age under consideration. What matters are your requirements! So, choose a CPU that best fulfils your requirements. But if you are a naïve person, then consider the following things under consideration before buying CPU for your gtx 1070.


Core also called the CPU core are the brain of the CPU it receives and sends commands for CPU operation. The CPU with core range 4-8 is called a good CPU. However, a CPU with six cores makes the best pair with gtx 1070.


Threads are the individual tasks and processes that a chip of CPU can handle at a time. The choice of thread entirely depends upon your requirement. If you want to perform several tasks at your CPU, go for a higher number of threads.


The cache of the CPU act like the RAM. If a CPU cache range is between 8MB -12Mb, then that CPU can be paired with gtx 1070

Processor speed

Processor speed is one of the most important things that you should consider while buying a CPU. The more the processors or clock speed is, the better will be its performance. Ideally, gtx 1070 needs a processor with a minimum 3.2GHZ speed. Ideally, the processor with a speed of 4GHZ or more works wonders with gtx 1070.

Price is also a thing that you should consider before buying. For example, if you’re starting your gaming career, start with a modest model, then after some time, you can upgrade if you feel so. Even if you are not a beginner, we will still recommend comparing the specifications of CPUs and comparing their prices. And then buy a product that best values your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intel or AMD, which is the best for gtx 1070?

Intel and AMD both work well with most of the graphic cards. But definitely, there is no match of Intel, so between Intel and AMD, you should pick Intel.

Which CPU can cause bottlenecking of 1070?

Any CPU with lesser than six cores can cause bottlenecking

Which is the best processor for gtx 1070?

The best CPU for 1070 is Intel i7-8700K. It is an all-rounder with a 12 MB cache, 4.7 GHz clocking speed, and 12 hyper threads.


All the six products of Intel and AMD that we have reviewed are the best and winning products of the market. But, if we have to choose one, we will go with Intel Core i7- 8700k 8 generations.

Without any doubt, this product can make the best pair with gtx 1070. Its specifications are up to the mark. It is affordable, and also it’s a reliable product that will stay for a longer time. Remember, this choice of CPU largely depends upon your requirements. So, choose the best match for your gtx 1070 after seeing the specification of the device.

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