Best CPU For VR in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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VR or virtual reality is a new technology that provides a truly hypnotic and real-time experience of action games. If you want to level up your gaming experience, then it is the best time to dive into VR gaming. If you are planning to have the VR experience for the first time or you want to upgrade the gaming experience, then the best CPU for the VR is probably the first thing you need.

Why do you need to choose a high-end processor for VR? VR is very different from traditional gaming. VR gives you the best 3D real-time gaming experience, and for doing so, you need a high-end processor that can meet the utmost requirements required for creating the virtual world.

Choosing a CPU for VR could be tricky because you cannot run the VR games on any random processor. After all, they are very demanding. For instance, you cannot get the enticing experience of VR gaming with an outdated GPU. Along with the GPU, there are many other things that you should consider while purchasing like you need to choose a CPU that has a higher refresh rate. A higher refresh rate will minimize the motion blur and will give the top-notch gaming experience.

Many people fail to choose the best processor for VR because of a lack of information and guidance, but to save our readers from this headache; our team of experts and VR enthusiasts have assembled a list of top-notch CPUs for the VR. We have chosen the best and the most reliable product in the market to provide you with the best experience of VR.

This article will provide comprehensive information and a guide that will certainly be beneficial in choosing the right CPU for you. We will also tell you the things that you should certainly consider while making a purchase. So, without stretching it any longer, let’s see the list of best CPUs for VR.

Detailed Review of Best CPU for VR

Following are our chosen computer processing units. Go and give them a read, and we are pretty sure that you will end up having a good product as a final pick in your mind. Good luck.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

We have chosen AMD Ryzen 7 3700X top of the list, and we think it is one of the best CPUs for VR. It has got an unlocked processor. The processor is equipped with a wraith prism LED cooler. The presence of a cooler with a CPU is a must case, as heating up of the CPU can be fatal for the device.

It is the number one gaming processor in the PC gaming segment. It can be swift and give you the fastest gaming experience ever as it can deliver a super-fast 100+ fps performance in the most popular games of the world. This means that it won’t experience any lags, and you can be as fast as you want to be.

It has got a higher cache memory and can help you run the game more smoothly. It has reached four 4 GHz max and boost unlocked for overclocking 36 MBS of game cache. The caches are for the currently running programs, and its higher value is equivalent to the higher speed of the VR experience. The service that the cache memory can serve is that it lets you go smoothly when running programs. More significant the cache memory, smoother will be the experience.

Its socket can support the 4.0 x570 motherboards as it is equipped with the advanced socket AM4 platform. You must keep this in mind if you already have a motherboard, as it cannot be compatible with each motherboard.

This CPU has changed the gaming experiences. It has made a difference in gaming R5 1600 OC 3.8 Gigahertz. It would not overclock as the CPU boosts up as much as it can boost.

Lastly, the price with which it is offered is meagre. Go for it, and you are not going to regret it for a minute. It will be the best CPU for VR you have ever had as it won’t lag, it won’t leave heat up much, and it will give you the smoothest gaming experience.


Very Stable processor

Never Stops

No Overclocking


Overclocking is one of the recent updates. (just one review)

Intel Core i9-9900K Processor

Intel Core i9-9900K

The best Intel CPU for Virtual Reality is Intel Core i9-9900K. This one is the most advanced intel CPU for VR and has a price worth its features and specifications. When you are dealing with a VR situation, the main thing is to have a smoother view and control, and this CPU will help you give you the smoothest control ever, and that is why we consider it as the best intel CPU for VR.

It is a multi-core CPU, which means it can bring about your commands with ease and at a higher speed. And you can get involved in too many tasks with no worries about the speed of your device. You can also insert USBs as it has two slots for USBs. (one at a time).

The cache space is not that much; its smart cache can support up to 16 MBs of cache junk. Still, it is a good size and can give you a faster and smoother everyday experience.

Its motherboard can only be paired with the Intel 300 series chipsets. If you have a motherboard already, you must consider this feature not to buy a CPU that does not fit your motherboard.

Moreover, If you want to go for a CPU for VR from intel, this is the right choice. If you can switch the brand, then, honestly, you can have a better CPU for VR than this one on our list.


Awesome for Gaming

Good in Cooling

Window runs fast in-game boot mode


Overheats a little

Complains about getting dead

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is ready to make your gaming life more special with its low price and high-quality fast gaming experience. Though it is not the latest version, it does not mean that it is of no use. It can give a tough time to its update, as it is lower in price and almost the same in functionality for everyday users.

It has got a processor that is among the most advanced processors globally in the PC gaming segment. A cutting-edge processor means faster, no matter how heavy the game or any other program may be.

It can be super fast for the famous games in the world. It can provide you with 100 plus fps and can make you get stunned with its speed.

However, It has got multi-cores and has reached 12 threads for processing. It can not overheat as it has a cooler called AMD wrath cooler max that keeps the temperature optimal.

It has got four 2 gigahertz max, boosts unlocked, for the overclocking thing, which overclocks 35 MBS of game cache. Else, it has reached an advanced socket that supports 4 0 on x570 motherboards.

If you want to have a CPU for VR that is low in price and can work smoothly with a more incredible speed, then this can be one of the best choices for you. This isn’t the most advanced version, but this is one of the progressive, up-to-date versions of the best CPUs for VR.


Fast enough


Advanced cooling system

Smoother experience

Low price


Comparatively low cored

Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-9700K

If you are after the intel brand, then the second option you can opt for having the best CPU for VR is the Intel Core i7-9700k. It is not as advanced as the one mentioned earlier, but the price it comes for is worth its functions. Let’s have a look at its features and specifications.

It is octa-cored, which means it can best bring about your functions with agility and speed. The multi-cored processor carries out the work to give the appropriate amount of cores to specific tasks. So multitasking can be more accessible when it comes to a processor of many cores.

Its cache is lesser than the advanced versions of Intel CPU for VR and is some 12 MBS. Still, it is a good amount for giving you a faster and smoother experience.

If you already have a motherboard, you have to keep in mind that these CPUs are not compatible with all the motherboards. It is compatible with motherboards based on three hundred series chip sits.

It gives you an excellent graphic experience with its intel Ultra High definition graphics 630. Good graphics means a perfect virtual world.

One thing to keep in mind is that this includes a processor only and is not having any cooling device. Although you can install your cooling device, cooling is a much-needed task for keeping the CPU safe and healthy.

It is a low price CPU for VR, and if you are new to the VR thing, this can be a better option for you. Degrading back to this CPU is not recommended.


Faster speed

Good Graphics

Low Price

Multi cored


Limited memory

No cooler

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

If you are after the best processor for VR and want it at a lower price, then AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is the best option for you and can meet your needs and be worth the price you have paid.

The main thing you have to note in a CPU is its speed and smoothness, and this can be one of the smoothest devices you have had. It has a processor of 3.9 Gigahertz. Its RAM is 16 GB DDR4 which is a Ram worth considering. It can give you a speedy and smooth experience.

It has a multi-core processor, and a good thing about the multi-core processors is that they do not lag when multiple windows are opened. Instead, the different cores are responsible for controlling all the activities. Its cache is good enough to keep you running at a smoother pace.

If you already have a motherboard, you must know that this device is not compatible with all the motherboards, which holds for almost every device. So do consider that thing when you are buying a CPU for VR.

Another good thing is the wraith stealth cooler which does not let the device get heated and increases its life. Overheating damages your device, and with such a sound system, your device will remain much safer.

Another good thing is that you can return it for free, and if you can wait, the delivery can be made accessible as well but will take a little longer. Go for it, and you won’t regret the price you have paid.


A faster and smoother experience

No overheating

Easy multitasking


Lower Frequency

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

If you want to have a CPU for your VR that works smoothly and does not get overheated, then AMD Ryzen 5 2500x is the most suitable option for you.

It is equipped with the newest coolers that work more silently and decrease the dissipated heat to a greater extent. The AMD Wraith spire coolers are updated in this version and have moved to the top. You won’t notice that the cooler is on, and the silent machine may have done its job, not adding to the sound pollution thing.

It has a good size cache, some 19 MBS, and can surely give you a faster gaming experience than you expect. The cache is what controls the running programs of your device.

If you already have a motherboard, then beware that every motherboard can’t fit the CPU. For this, the socket AM4 motherboard is needed. So, if your motherboard is not compatible, then do not buy this device, and if you have purchased this or want to buy this, you should search for a compatible motherboard.

It supports many technologies, some of which are amd store technology, sensing technology, and AMD Rizen VR ready premium technology. This makes it more special than the others; however, you have to compromise over some issues.

Lower price, sound cooling system, and faster experience are the features that can attract you to buy this device. You won’t regret it for the price you have paid.


Faster streaming

Good graphics

Good cooling system


Packaging problems

Buying Guide: Best CPU for VR

Multiple features can be helpful for your VR gaming and videos. Read the guide; this will give you an insight into the CPUs and wisely select the best CPU for VR.

Following are the specifications and features you need to consider while buying a CPU for VR;


To have a high functioning CPU, you need to have a multi-core processor as they work far better than the single-core older versions.

The higher the scores, the greater will be the split in the tasks of the computer. The computer will bring about the work in a distributed manner, without getting one core much burdened.


The cache is a small memory that is used to run the computer for the time being. This is used for retrieving the files that are running at the time. The greater the cache memory, the more excellent the CPU’s ability to run the already running files.

Socket Compatibility

You have to worry about the socket compatibility as it connects your motherboard with the CPU. If you already have a motherboard, then make sure that the CPU you will buy has a socket compatible with the motherboard, or you’ve to buy another motherboard for your new CPU.

Thermal Design Power

This device explains how much heat has been dissipated, and then according to that, it brings about the cooling measures. If your device does not have a cooling system, make sure to have one, as overheating can be fatal to the CPU.


Last but not least, the most crucial matter for you is the price. You’ve to check that whether the device you are going to buy is worth the price you are going to pay or not. Buy a device when you are delighted with the relation of the price and the device’s features and specifications.

There may be some more important factors; go through the product description, and you will find your concept clear about the things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the frequently asked questions are as follow:

Which CPU is best for VR?

Seeing all the features and specifications and the users’ reviews, there has been a fight between the two famous CPUs for VR, Intel Core i9-9900K and AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Still, the AMD Ryzen 7 wins the battle because of its heat dissipation qualities and people’s positive reviews about it. Rest is your choice.

Does CPU matter for VR?

Yes, CPU does matter for VR. If you want to have a faster and smoother experience in the virtual world, you must pick the best CPU for VR, best in the sense of smoothness, speed, cooling, and many other aspects.

What is the cheapest CPU for VR?

The cheapest CPU you can have for Virtual Reality is the Intel Core i3-10100f processor. It is having a RAM of 8 GB and will cost some 500 dollars. We hope that this will fulfil your requirements as well. But remember, the low price products can not match the products of a price higher than that.

Final Words

If you are fond of 3D gaming, then the first wish you will have is to be in a smoother and faster environment. The virtual reality world is quoted as beautiful, and you can simulate the realities in that world. If you have a quicker and smoother experience, then your enjoyment can be multiplied.

We want to enjoy more of an authentic experience, which brings us to be involved in the 3D matter. Now, if virtual reality is experiencing lags, the wish of enjoying the world breaks into pieces.

For a faster and smoother experience, you have to choose the best CPU for VR. We have tried to help you in that regard in the above writing, and we wish you may have reached a place out of your ambivalence.

Consider a CPU that best suits you in every regard, that is, the price, the smoothness, the graphics, and every other thing. Go for a moderate choice, and enjoy the Virtual Reality of the Virtual World.

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