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The bottleneck is the nightmare for the gamers, but unfortunately, every second hundred of the gamers face bottlenecks. Bottlenecks occur when a single component of the processor limits the capacity of another application and affects the speed of processing data and information. There are two main types of bottleneck, CPU bottleneck and a GPU bottleneck, out of which two CPU bottlenecks are common. So, in this article, we will tell you how to fix the CPU bottleneck?

CPU bottlenecks can be very frustrating. It can destroy your gaming experience. Upgrading the CPU is one of the most common and easy ways to reduce the CPU bottleneck. Moreover, overclocking also reduces CPU bottlenecks. But before upgrading the CPU, there are a few other things that can help to reduce the bottleneck. But before explaining that, we would like to tell you a few more things about the bottleneck because knowing the cause of the problem can help in finding the solution.

What is the meaning of the CPU bottleneck, and how to identify it?

The bottleneck has come from two words bottle and the neck. You might have seen the neck of the bottle, has a smaller diameter, and it reduces the amount of water flowing through it. The same is the case with the CPU bottleneck.

During the bottleneck, the CPU cannot process the information that is being transferred to it by different parts of the processor like GPU. CPU bottleneck causes a drop in the processor’s FPS and affects the functioning of the whole processor.

There are two easy ways to identify the CPU bottleneck

  • A lack in performance if you have paired the terrific GPU like RTX 3090 with the CPU, but you are only getting 60 FPS, then it is a CPU bottleneck.
  • Online CPU bottleneck checker: It is the easiest way to identify the bottleneck. You can check CPU bottlenecks online.

What causes CPU bottleneck?

Many things cause CPU bottlenecks.

  • An old model CPU: if your old model CPU is not compatible with other components of the processor, a bottleneck occurs. The situation occurs when you pair an old CPU with a premium quality GPU.
  • Overheating of CPU
  • Virus induce bottleneck
  • Buggy applications or graphics
  • Running many applications at a time
  • An old version window

We have tried to cover all the possible things that can cause a CPU bottleneck. Now let’s move towards the most crucial part of the article and discuss, how can you fix the CPU bottlenecks?

How to fix the CPU bottleneck?

You can fix the CPU bottlenecks in the following ways

  • First of all, try to buy a compatible CPU according to the GPU or the game you weren’t to play. It will significantly reduce the bottleneck.
  • Keep an eye on the resolution of your CPU, and then select the game’s resolution accordingly. There are higher chances of the CPU bottleneck at higher resolution.
  • Try to avoid overheating the CPU. For this purpose, several manufacturers add the cooler to the CPU. If there is not, then purchase a separate one if you want to avoid overheating and bottlenecks.
  • Buggy applications and graphics: sometimes, a bug in the games and the graphic card affects the CPU storage and eventually causes CPU bottleneck. So try to buy a compatible GPU.
  • Update your windows: updating window can reduce the bottlenecks
  • Have a reliable antivirus: Sometimes viruses of processors’ applications and games affect the performance of the CPU, so having a reliable antivirus program in the CPU can save your CPU from many bottlenecks.
  • Optimized the background applications: Sometimes, we open too many applications on the processor. All the CPUs have a core limit. If you surpass that limit, you will face a bottleneck. Ideally, only open the application that you need and close the extra ones.
  • Overclocking: if you are facing bottlenecks on your old model CPU, then overclocking can solve this problem. A 20-30% increase in FPS has been observed with overclocking.
  • Reduce the CPU-intensive games setting: reducing the burden of the CPU will significantly reduce the CPU bottleneck.

Bottom line

CPU Bottleneck is an unfortunate situation to face for all gamers. This article was for all the gamers. We have tried to convey what are a CPU bottleneck, its causes, and detection methods. And at last, we have tried to tell you how to fix the CPU bottleneck?

All the methods of reducing the CPU bottleneck that we have explained in this article will significantly lower the CPU bottleneck and will increase the efficiency and performance of your CPU.

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