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Video editing is one of the fastest and enticing niches. The craze of video editing and online content is increasing every day. The revenue of the video editing industry is doubling every year. So, the number of video editors, content creators, animators, and YouTubers is growing with every passing day. You can also be a successful video editor and can generate a full-time income out of video editing, but for this, you need to buy the best CPU for video editing.

If you are here by reading the title of the article: it means you are a beginner, who wants to start video editing, or you are a pro editor who wants to upgrade an old CPU. In both cases, you are at the right place. Our expert team has done extensive research, and we have assembled a list of the 7 best CPUs for you.

But before reviewing the CPU of our list, we want to explain how crucial it is to have a top-notch processor for video editing. For expert-level video editing, two things are paramount. One is the video editing skill, and the second is a processor or CPU that can proficiently perform all the high-level processing required in video editing.

A CPU that you are using for gaming might not be the best fit for video editing because, for video editing, voice-over, and animation, you need some demanding applications like adobe premiere, Quick, Kinemaster, InVideo, and many others. So for video editing, you need to buy a top-notch processor that can run all these applications flawlessly.

You would be amazed to know that your CPU has a determining effect on your video quality. A top-notch CPU gives you pro-level editing options, and it helps to add more colours and cinematic views to videos. And we all know that the number of views and likes largely depends on the video quality and animation of the video.

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There are many things that you should consider while buying the CPU for video editing, like, you need to buy a multiple core CPU so you can do voice-over, animation, and video editing simultaneously. Clocking speed is also paramount because it lowers the rendering and the loading time.

There are many other things that you should consider, but we are stopping the buying guide here and starting to review the list of the best CPU. We will give a comprehensive guide after reviewing the CPUs of our list. It will provide the insight to buy the best CPU for yourself.

So, without stretching it any longer, let’s see which is the first CPU on our list.

Top 7 Best CPUs For Video Editing

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Processor | Best AMD Processor For Video Editing.
  • Ryzen 7 3700X Unlocked Processor | Best Performance Processor For Video Editing.

  • Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor | Best Budget Processor For Video Editing.

  • Intel Core i9-10920X Unlocked Processor | Best Intel CPU for Video Editing.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor | Best Ryzen CPU For Video Editing.
  • Intel Core i5-9400F Desktop Processor | Best Cheap CPU for Editing.
  • Threadripper 3970X Desktop Processor | Best CPU for Professional Video Editing.

1. AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Unlocked Desktop Processor


Without any doubt, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is one of the best processors for 4K editing. 4K videos give the ultra HD cinematic view, and this level of videos will make your viewers love you. It is one of the first CPUs with a 7nm architecture compatible with the 4.0 PCIe. This 7nm upgraded architecture technology makes the application faster and significantly lowers the loading time.

The base clocking speed for the processor is 3.5 GHz, and the boosted speed is 4.7 GHz which is ideal for video editing. With this speed, you will never face any glitches while doing video editing and animation. The CPU has 16 cores and 32 threads. Multiple threads and the cores of the CPU provide unparalleled performance that allows you to do video rendering, encoding, animation, and voice-over at the same time.

The CPU provides the ultra-fast 100+ FPS for the faster loading of graphics, and the Zen 2 technology of the processor helps in optimizing computing performance. The CPU can effectively install and run all the video editing applications effectively. You can use this CPU for multiple tasks, like content creation, video editing, gaming, and doing office work, and this CPU does everything extraordinary.

TDP of the CPU is 105W which is optimum, but the temperature increases while overclocking. To reduce the temperature it is recommended to add the liquid cooler. Everything about the CPU, like performance reliability and TDP and everything else, is just perfect. The only thing that might bother a few is its higher price. A few might find the cost of the CPU higher, but it is worth it.


  • Power-efficient
  • Multiple cores and threads give the top-notch video editing performance.
  • High clocking frequency
  • Lower loading time


  • Higher price

2. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Unlocked Desktop Processor


AMD processors are best for video editing because of their unparalleled multi-core performance. If the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is pricey for you, you should go for the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. It is one of the best AMD and the best-selling processor for amazon. The product has gotten thousands of positive ratings.

This unlocked processor comes with a wraith LED cooler. Like the previous CPU, this AMD CPU also has a 7nm inbuilt processor for extreme performance. And for high-end processing, the CPU has 35 MB of cache.

The CPU belongs to the third generation of the Ryzen, and it has 8 cores and 16 threads. The multiple cores and the threads of the CPU help in multitasking. The clocking speed of the CPU is 3.6 GHz. Moreover, you can surpass the base clocking speed while overclocking.

Video editing apps require a GPU for adding effects to the video. This CPU has an inbuilt Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU that helps in HD video editing. Moreover, the CPU provides 100+ FPS speed for extra fast video rendering editing.

Performance-wise the CPU is a beast. Multiple cores and threads of the CPU effectively handle all the tasks and take a shorter duration in uploading the video and in adding different editing effects.

The TDP of the CPU is only 65W, so it doesn’t heat up sooner. If you want to have a CPU for top-notch video editing, but your budget is low–then don’t look anywhere else, and get this best value CPU now.


  • the best value of money
  • best inbuilt GPU for high-class editing
  • multiple threads and cores
  • lower TDP and wraith cooler
  • 100+ FPS


  • None

3. Intel Core i9-10900K Unlocked Desktop Processor

Best CPU For Video Editing


It is the first CPU of Intel (Budget Procesor) that we are adding to our list. Intel’s processors are famous for providing top-notch performance. The product has got the third position on our list, and undoubtedly it is one of the best CPUs for high-quality video editing. The CPU is an amazon choice product, and it has got thousands of positive ratings and reviews on Amazon.

The best thing about this unlocked processor is its high clocking speed. The clocking speed of the CPU is 5.0. There are very few CPUs in the market that have 5.0 base clocking speed. The eight cores and sixteen threads of the CPU help in faster encoding, decoding, and rendering, the storage of the CPU is enough to run and install all the premium video editing applications.

16 MB of cache speed, reliable FPS speed, and Intel UHD and 4.0 PCIe all come together and give the best video editing performance. The CPU is best for single-core performance.

The power efficiency of the CPU is excellent, and it has a very effective power dissipation system that keeps the processing temperature under control even while multitasking. Per core price of the CPU is also economical. Overall it is one of the best CPUs for video editing.

The only downside of the CPU is that it is only compatible with Intel 300 series chipset, so if you are thinking of upgrading your CPU, then make sure to check your motherboard first.


  • Excellent power efficiency and lower TDP
  • Effectively manage the heavy loads and editing applications.
  • Perfect for all levels of video editors
  • Excellent clocking speed for high-end performance


  • No cooler added
  • Only compatible with intel 300 chipset

4. Intel Core i9-10920X Unlocked Desktop Processor

Intel Core i9-10920X Unlocked Desktop Processor


If you are a pro video editor and ready to pay a high cost for a high-end processor, then intel core i9-10920X is the best CPU for Video Editing. It is one of the most expensive and high-efficiency CPUs on our list.

The CPU has 12 cores and 24 threads for excellent single as well as multiple core performance. It runs at a clocking base clocking speed of 3.5 GHz, which is pretty ideal for the pro level of video editing, encoding, and rendering.

CPU can effectively install and run all the high-profile applications of video editing. And the multiple cores and threads will help in the smooth running of all the video editing applications.

The TDP of the CPU is 125 W, and there is no integrated cooler, so you have to spend extra money on the cooler. And lastly, keep in mind that this CPU is also compatible with Intel 300 series chipset.


  • Top-notch single-core performance and efficient multiple core performance
  • multiple cores and threads for fast loading and rendering
  • Excellent clocking speed


  • High cost and TDP
  • No cooler

5. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor


It is one of the most productive, and most economical products on our list. It is one for all CPUs for video editing. If you are a beginner, it will help you to install all the professional video editing apps. And if you are a pro editor, the CPU will help in handling all the high-profile workloads.

The CPU has 8 cores, 16 threads, and it runs at the base clocking speed of 3.7 GHz while the boosted clocking speed of the CPU is 4.3 GHz, and the CPU is unlocked, so you can do overclocking to gain maximum efficiency.

The CPU has the Zen+ architecture that helps in better integration, and also it is compatible with all modern processing applications and software. So you can run all the software effectively on this CPU.

The TDP of the CPU is 105 W which is a bit higher, but worries not because the manufacturers have added the wraith cooler to keep the temperature down.


  • 20 MB cache speed for unparalleled performance
  • 12 cores and 24 threads
  • Economical and comes with a cooler
  • The Zen+ architecture for extraordinary performance


  • Higher TDP

6. Intel Core i5-9400F Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-9400F Desktop Processor


If you are starting video editing you don’t need to buy an expensive and high-profile CPU because it will only add extra cost. For beginners, we suggest a medium-range CPU that is light on your pocket. Although it is one of the most economical CPUs on our list, there is no compromise on quality. It is one of the best Intel processors for video editing.

The CPU has 6 cores and 12 threads, which are pretty enough for video editing and rendering. The CPU belongs to the 9th generation of Intel processors, and like all the 9th generation processors, it has intel optane memory, which helps in doing and handling all the heavy workloads.

The maximum clocking speed of the CPU is 4.1 GHz, whereas the cache speed is 9 MB which is suitable for beginner to pro-level video editing.

The CPU has excellent power efficiency, and its TDP is 65W, which means the CPU will not heat up while working, so using the CPU without a cooler would not be a problem.

It is a very economical CPU and provides good performance efficiency, but there are some downsides to the CPU. First of all, it is best for single-core performance, and it lacks a bit in multiple-core performance. Second, it doesn’t have any integrated graphics.

Although the GPU doesn’t effet video editing quality, it affects the installation and running of some video editing apps. And like all the intel CPUs it is only compatible with the Intel 300 series chipset.


  • Faster and reliable intel optane memory support
  • Excellent power efficiency and lower TDP
  • Most economical CPU for video editing


  • Lesser efficiency in multiple core performance
  • Compatible with Intel 300 series chipset

7. Ryzen Threadripper 3970X Desktop Processor

Best CPU For Video Editing


All the CPUs that we have reviewed so far are for the editors who do video editing part-time. But if you are the one whose quality of life depends on the quality of the video editing, then you should buy a jackal of all trades CPU, a CPU that provides monster-level performance.

If you are looking for a diamond class video, get your hands on AMD Ryzen threadripper 3970X. Trust me, there is not any processor in the market like this one.

The CPU has 32 cores and 64 threads for unmatched performance.

The 256 GB storage of the CPU is enough for handling all the high-quality video data for years. If you want a CPU for video editing and gaming, then this CPU is a beast. You can do crazy overclocking with this CPU.

The CPU has all the modern inbuilt features, like, it has Zen 2 microarchitecture and 7nm process, and it is compatible with the 4.0 PCIe. All these features make this CPU one of the best CPUs for video editing.

Often you have to wait while uploading videos and while adding effects in the video. Rendering and encoding also take time. But forget about long loading durations with this CPU. All of your work happened just in the blink of an eye.

The article was not enough to explain the enticing features of the CPU. But perfection is not possible in this imperfect work, so the CPU also has some downside, which includes its higher price, and it has mediocre single-core performance


  • Performance beast
  • Unmatched multitasking with 12 cores and 24 threads
  • Support ECG memory
  • Power efficiency


  • High cost
  • No backward compatibility

How to buy the best CPU for video editing

It is not difficult to choose a CPU for video editing if you know what things to look at while buying. If you look at the things that we are going to explain you will make a worthy purchase.

so, the first thing that you should be looking at is the

Rendering time

Rendering is one of the branches of video editing. If you are a video editor, then you have an idea of how frustrating it is to spend the rendering time. Time is money. So no matter if you are doing video editing part-time or full-time, you need to buy a CPU that has less rendering time.

But how will we know about the rendering time of a CPU? It is super easy. A CPU with modern architecture and enough storage to run the high-class video editing application will; have lesser rendering time.

Clocking speed

Hence, clocking speed is also a crucial thing that you should be looking at while purchasing a CPU. Clocking speed has a determining effect on video editing. A good clocking speed makes applications more responsive, and you get to wait much less for uploading files and for adding effects to the video. Indirectly clocking speed also affects the duration of video editing.

Ideally, a CPU with a 3.5 GHz clocking speed is ideal for video editing. The higher the clocking speed of the CPU, the better value you will get.

Cores and threads

The number of cores and threads of a CPU affects video editing. Multiple cores and threads control the performance of video editing applications. The more the number of cores and threads the greater will be the speed of the processor. And you will be able to run several applications simultaneously.

Several cores also affect rendering speed, the response time of apps, encoding files, and many other things, so you should consider the number of cores and threads while buying.


It is crucial to have a CPU with at least 32 GB RAM so you can do all the video editing tasks without any delay. The lower the RAM, the slower your processor will be. So if you want flawless video editing, then make sure to look at RAM before buying.


Although GPUs do not directly affect video editing and video quality. It does have an indirect effect. Certain video editing apps transfer their data to GPU. GPU processes their data and sends commands to the CPU for proper action. In short, GPU assists the functionality of video editing applications.

We recommend purchasing a CPU with an inbuilt GPU, so you don’t need to spend extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which processor is best for video editing in 2021?

The best processor for video editing is the one that has at least 6 cores, 12 threads. And that can run at 3.5 GHz clocking speed. We have explained above that AMD Ryzens products are better for video editing. So if we have to choose the single best CPU for video editing, then we will pick AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

How much ram do I require for editing a 4k video?

4k videos are getting more and more attention nowadays. 4K videos are more HD and have more colours. But you need to have enough storage for 4K video editing. 32GB RAM is best for 4K as well as 6IK video editing. You cannot do 4K editing effectively with a CPU that has RAM lesser than 8GB.

How many cores do I need for 4K video editing?

Cores are one of the determining factors for 4k video editing because the editing, rendering, and animation software have requirements. The software doesn’t give the best performance when combined with the CPU with a lesser number of cores.

So we recommend having a CPU that has at least 6 spores. A 6 core CPU can do 4k video editing.

Does processor matter for video editing?

Yes! Processes matter a lot for video editing. If you have all the basic skills of video editing but lack a CPU, then the skills are of no use. Basic video editing skills combined with a high-end processor helps in top-level video editing.

Bottom line

All the CPUs for video editing that we have mentioned in our list are the best and filter products in the market. We have done an extensive research to select these products for you. Before purchasing any of the products, you need to select your focus, for example, if you want the best CPU for rendering, then go for a CPU that has less rendering time and a higher number of cores and threads.

We have reviewed the processors of two manufacturers Intel and AMD. And the processes of both the manufacturers are quite good, yet AMD is preferred more because of enticing multi-thread performance.

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