How to Check CPU Generation- What You Need to Know?

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With the advancement of technology, more and more people are using laptops and desktops. These devices are important for work and entertainment. But with time, many people find that their laptop or desktop is not as fast as before. It is like they are using a snail instead of a cheetah.

To know what CPU generation you have on your laptop or desktop, you need to find the serial number on the back of your device first. Then you can go to CPU-Z website to find out what CPU generation your laptop or desktop has.

What are the different types of CPUs?

A Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is a physical electronic circuit that can execute computer programs. It is the primary component of most of the world’s computers.

The CPU has two main components: the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and the control unit. The ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations, such as addition, subtraction, and operations on binary numbers. The control unit regulates data access among memory, input/output devices, and peripheral devices.

There are many different types of CPUs on the market today that is used for different purposes – some are meant to be used in high-end workstations while others are better for low-power mobile devices like smartphones or laptops.

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