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  • Having a working computer with a black screen is one of the most frustrating scenarios for a computer user.
  • A few lights are on, some fans are spinning, and the case has started beeping.
  • On the monitor, you cannot see any vital signs, including no images, lights, or descriptions.

Some Of The Basic Concept

Check The Connections

It is possible for the monitor to not power on despite being in perfect condition.

In your next diagnostic effort, check all the associated ports, cables, and adapters.

A couple of screws should be fastened on both ends of the video and power cables.

Ensure that your power cord works with another outlet as well as your graphic cable with other ports.

To find out if your cables are damaged, try an alternative cable.

If your monitor supports any other cable types, for example, try connecting your monitor via an HDMI cable if you are currently using a VGA cable.

You should check adapters in good condition and make sure they are used correctly.

Converting from DVI to VGA, for example, is not possible.

Check Your Monitor

Your computer may not display anything if it starts but there is a problem with the monitor.

Ensure that your monitor is turned on by checking its power light.

You can turn on your monitor by unplugging its power adapter, and then plugging it back in. Your monitor needs to be taken to the repair shop if the problem still persists.

If your monitor works properly, move on to the next step.

Force restart your computer

You should restart your computer if you are experiencing a Black screen. Keep the power button pressed for 5 to 10 seconds if your computer freezes. This will reset the system. By doing this, you will be able to restart your computer without having to worry about a total power outage.

Reset your BIOS settings

You can also get a black screen when your BIOS settings are incorrect. Try resetting your BIOS to factory defaults to see if that is the problem. Below are the instructions:

Your computer will turn off when you hold the power button.

After disconnection, open your computer case and unplug the AC power cord.

Remove your CMOS battery from your motherboard by pressing your fingernail against it or by using a nonconductive screwdriver.

Wait 5 minutes before reinstalling your CMOS battery.

Using the AC power cord to connect your computer to the power supply will allow you to see whether the issue persists.

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