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CPUs are usually gold because gold is a great thermal conductor, so it conducts heat away from the CPU really fast. This prevents the chip from overheating, which could cause it to fail.

They are called CPU fan gold pins. The pins are gold-plated because the CPU gets extremely hot. When the CPU heats up, the copper wire pins tend to degrade. Gold will not degrade even when heated at high temperatures.

Why are CPU pins gold?

  1. A highly efficient conductor is gold. A tiny amount of current can be carried by gold. This is why CPU pins are made of gold.
  2. Their corrosion resistance makes them ideal. As a result, they are not affected by atmospheric conditions. Gold is corrosion-resistant among other metals such as iron, copper, steel.
  3. Nickel and cobalt alloys increase the durability (resistance) of gold. Alloying gold with other materials increases its strength.
  4. Their main purpose is to increase the conductivity of currents (digital information) in connectors and contacts.
  5. The atmosphere does not easily oxidize gold. Therefore, it is mostly used.
  6. The electrical resistivity of gold is the lowest.
  7. The inactive nature of gold is due to its chemical composition. As such, it cannot be affected chemically.

Things to know about CPU pins?

CPU Pins are used to connecting the CPU to other peripheral devices, CPU pins functions are so many, including CPU’s physical functions, power function, CPU’s temperature control function. CPU pins are divided into internal CPU pins and external CPU pins. Internal CPU pins are very complicated, generally, manufacturers will use the internal CPU pins to connect the CPU to internal components. External CPU pins are used to communicate with the system bus, these pins are also called peripheral CPU pins. The CPU cannot operate without the peripheral CPU pins, the CPU cannot operate without the internal CPU pins, the CPU cannot operate without the CPU power supply pins.

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