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MSI Afterburner is one of the most updated graphic card applications. It has many updated features, and all of them are super usable. MSI afterburner is designed after keeping the needs of gamers and programmers under consideration. MSI afterburner works well with almost all the CPUs. And above all, the software is free for all. But the question is, Does the MSI afterburner show CPU temperature efficiently?

The simple answer to this question is YES! MSI afterburner shows CPU temperature. Along with all the features, MSI efficiently shows the temperature of the CPU. MSI afterburner not only shows you the temperature of the CPU but also allows you to monitor the CPU’s temperature in different ways. We will describe all the methods used by MSI to show the temperature and a lot more in this article, so continue reading till the end.

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What is MSI Afterburner, and How it works?

MSI afterburner is a program of the GPU designed by the MSI, MSI is a reliable name in the industry, and they have built their brand by providing the best and reliable gadgets and applications. MSI assists and improves the functioning of your GPU. Game freaks and programming enthusiasts love using MSI afterburner, and they have reported a wonderful experience with MSI.

The thing that people love the most about the MSI burner is its ability to show the temperature of the CPU, the temperature of overclocking, and the temperature of the VRAM accurately. A question might cross your minds, which is why MSI afterburner is so famous for monitoring CPU temperature? Although many other temperature monitoring software and programs are available, MSI is the most reliable one.

MSI afterburner monitors the temperature and changes the fans’ temperature, power, and speed to keep the system’s temperature under check.

You can use MSI afterburner with almost every GPU. To get started, you first need to enable it in the setting. If your CPU becomes too hot and you want to buy a new CPU you need to know more about Best CPU for Blender

.Now I think you all have got an idea of how MSI Afterburner works. Now suppose you have installed and set up all the things. It’s time to check the temperature of your CPU through MSI Afterburner. If you don’t know how to do it? Then don’t worry. We will tell you how you can monitor the temperature and speed of your Overclocking CPU with an MSI afterburner?

After enabling the application, you will open the setting of MSI, and there you will see four options. The last option will be showing the temperature of your processor in detail. It is one way to check CPU temperature.

The second way of checking the CPU temperature with MSI is with the help of hardware. To check the temperature through the hardware, you need to click on the MSI Afterburn hardware monitor. To get the hardware monitor, click on the detect button. Upon clicking, the window hardware screen will show up on your MSI afterburner window.

Hardware temperature detection is comparatively easy for temperature detection, and also you will be able to see the temperature of the CPU in real-time. And also tells the details real-time temperature of the CPU.

MSI Afterburn gives you a lot of customized options for your ease. While monitoring the temperature through hardware settings, you can choose where you want to see the temperature details of the CPU, like you can set the temperature icon on the tray icon, on the LCD and so on, customized options are available.

You can also choose the appearance or way of the temperature icon of the CPU. This CPU helps you to monitor the temperature as no other program does. If you are a crazy overclocker, but also want to have an eye on the temperature of your CPU, then put the temperature icon on the top of the hardware. It will help you to monitor the temperature of the CPU in real-time.

Now the question arises, who needs to enable MSI afterburner?

MSI afterburner is a useful program, everyone should have this program enabled in their CPUs, but certain people need to have this if they want to increase the shelf life of their CPUs.


If you are an overclocker and do 24/7 overclocking, then you need to have this application. While overclocking, it is obvious that the temperature of your CPU will increase, and the continuously elevated temperature can harm the performance of the CPU. So, enable an MSI afterburner to check the temperature of the CPU so you can take action on time.

Your CPU freezes often.

If you are facing CPU freezing often, it could be due to a temperature rise, unable to program and check the temperature at which your CPU freezes. If it is due to elevated temperature, then take an appropriate action

Your CPU is doing slow, or if you have an old model.

Old models of the CPUs are less compatible to do and work with the recent software. That’s why they tend to heat up faster, and eventually, they freeze. This type of elevated temperature can permanently damage the working abilities of your CPU, so enable MSI afterburner and monitor the temperature of the CPU continuously. If the temperature is very high, then add a CPU cooler

Bottom line

We have answered that MSI Afterburner can effectively monitor your CPU temperature. So, if you were worried because of the temperature management of your CPU, then all your problems end here. Installed this application to keep an eye on the temperature. And in case of any problem with elevated temperature, take the appropriate step.

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