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What is a Normal CPU Temp while gaming? is a question that confuses many gamers. Gaming Computers are complex machines and require proper maintenance in order to work efficiently and smoothly. If we don’t take care of these factors. It may result in fatal issues related to hardware and performance of the computer as a whole or in parts.

What are these factors?

  • CPU Temperature
  • Graphics Card Temperature
  • Chassis cooling
  • Dust Maintenance
  • Cleaning CPU pins

Now, talking about the CPU temperature. Gamers worry about over-heating their chip a lot. Some of the games are graphics card intensive whereas others are CPU intensive. CPU intensive games usually put more load on CPU instead of other main components of the computer.

When playing these games, one should maintain the temperature by tweaking the settings if your CPU does not meet the recommended requirements of the game. Otherwise, it may result in lower frames and eventually over-heating of the processor chip. Which are the gamers worst nightmare.

Benefits of Maintaining Normal CPU Temp while Gaming

As we discussed earlier, maintaining normal temperatures of the CPU is a healthy process. Which helps in terms of gaming and performance.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of maintaining normal temperature of the CPU.

  • Normal temperature allows the CPU chip to work at its finest. Allowing more framerates in the games
  • In addition to the above, normal temperature makes the CPU last longer than those CPUs that are constantly exposed to high temps

Flaws of High CPU Temp while Gaming

Excess in everything is dangerous. Same goes with the CPU temperatures. High temperature in CPU results in lower performance in terms of gaming, surfing and even interacting with low CPU usage apps.

Now, lets discuss some of the flaws and drawbacks of having high temperature in CPU chips.

  • Higher temperatures result in overheating of the CPU chips that proves to diminish the life expectancy of the CPU.

If these CPU chips are exposed to higher temperatures for a long period of time. It may result in dead or useless processor. That may no longer be fixed or can be used.

  • Higher temperatures in a CPU highly effects the performance in the games. That results in higher frames per second. In addition to higher frames, you may see potential increase in stuttering.

Stuttering is when you have frames per second that show smoothness in terms of performance but you see sharp dips of frames. That may range from 20 to even 70 frames per second

  • Now, talking about  CPU for Audio, video and photo editing. Or any work related to freelancing. Higher temperatures show slow processes. Mostly freelancers use CPU intensive apps that include Adobe and Blender.

At the end of an intro or a video. The app renders the process which requires high load on CPU and GPU. Having high temperature during this process may lead to permanent or temporary damage to the CPU chip.

Having High temperatures means ruining the whole gaming and computing experience

How to keep the Temperature of your CPU Normal?

If there is a problem in computing. There is a solution for that also. You can try different ways in order to maintain the CPU temperature and keep your gaming and computing experience enjoyable and unique.

Regularly Changing Thermal Paste

Thermal Paste is one of the main and important part in computer and plays the major role in keeping the temperature of the CPU and GPU normal. Basically, it’s a paste that when exposed to heat cools down the chip beneath it.

Average gamers change their thermal paste once in three months. If we don’t change the thermal paste before five months then it may cause spike in temperatures while gaming and other heavy usage apps.

Placing the Computer in a Cool Room/Place

The temperature of the room also effects the CPU temperature. In winters you can place your computer anywhere you want. Because that won’t have huge effect on the CPU. As the temperature in the surrounding is already very low.

Put in summers you need to choose an appropriate place where there is an Air Conditioner or a Cooler.

Fans and Chassis Coolers

Some of the processor despite normal room temperature show high temps. To cope with this problem. We need to install high-end CPU coolers or plenty of Chassis’ fans so that it may reduce the temps.

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