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CPU stands for “Central Processing Unit.” The CPU is the main part of the computer and is also known as the computer’s brain. A computer cannot work without a CPU. It performs all the operations on the data according to the program instructions. 


IPC is one of the basic aspects of the CPU. Moreover, IPC stands for ” Instructions per Cycle.” It is also known as instructions per clock. One Cycle/clock is represented by ” 1 Hz”.  It can be defined as ” The number of tasks or actions which are performed by the CPU in a Cycle (that is Hz) is known as IPC. “

Relation of IPC & Clock Speed

Clock speed is defined as “The Number of cycles a CPU completes in one second.”

Clock speed determines the speed of a processor. 

An IPC is defined as ” The number of tasks a CPU does in one clock or Cycle. 

The relationship of IPC and Clock Speed can be defined as : 

“Clock Speed is the door and IPC is the key.”

The above statement can be explained as: 

The clock cycle comes first then the IPC comes into the system. Because at first the CPU completes the clock cycle, and then IPC calculates the tasks performed by the CPU in one Cycle. It states that there would be an IPC if there is a clock cycle; otherwise, IPC will not exist. 

In short, the relationship between clock speed and IPC plays a vital role in determining the speed of a computer. 

Importance of IPC

IPC plays an efficient role when the CPU does certain tasks. There are several components in a CPU, but the IPC is the major design feature of the CPU. The CPU can do multiple tasks at a single time, IPC calculates those numbers of tasks.   

Hence, IPC is related to the efficiency of a CPU. As in the older CPU’s, the IPC was lower, which means that it executes less number instructions in a cycle that proved to be the reason for less speed of computer but in modern CPU’s, the ICP is higher, in which a CPU executes more number of instructions in a cycle. 

IPC is the key factor in operating the computer system faster. If there is high IPC, the CPU will perform more programs in a cycle. It will result in the fast working of the computer system. But here, clock speed is also important as they both ( Clock speed & IPC ) are used to determine the speed of a computer. 

Efficiency of IPC

Efficiency is the key factor in an IPC CPU because efficiency is everything that determines the speed and number of tasks done in one second or per Cycle. 

An example can explain this; let’s take an example of folding paper cranes. Suppose you are making paper folding cranes. At first, you would make cranes of paper by folding the paper step by step. And you will perform each step individually and carefully. But if you will increase your efficiency, then you will make more than one step. So you will make more paper cranes efficiently at a single time. 

Another example can be taken as:

Suppose an ICP performs two instructions in a Cycle in the processor of 3.7 GHz. It means that it will result in 7.2 billion instructions being performed in one second. So it proves that it’s less efficient. At the same time, another ICP performs five instructions in a cycle, which will result in 18.5 billion instructions being processed in a second. 

These examples concluded that if the IPC’s efficiency is lower, it will perform less number of tasks. But if it is higher, it will be able to perform many tasks at once. 

Calculation of IPC

The IPC rate ( the average number of tasks performed in one Cycle) can be calculated as by the following steps: 

  1. First, take the number of instructions performed in one Cycle or clock.
  2. Then the number of cycles per second is required. 
  3. The final step is the multiplication of instructions performed per Cycle to the clock rate, which refers to the number of cycles per second. 

In short

Number of instructions per Cycle × clock rate ( number of cycles per second)

Use of IPC

IPC can be used to compare two different processors. Because different processors will contain different IPC rates, it proves to be helpful in the comparison of two processors. 


It is concluded that the CPU IPC is the main factor of computer systems. It is used in the efficiency and speed determination of computers. CPU IPC makes it easy for a person who wants to use the best computer for him. Because the CPU IPC helps in testing the processors. 

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